HISTORY of the jenks scripT LOGO

The Jenks Script logo has been featured on the Jenks football helmet for over two decades. Although the finish  of the helmet has changed the Jenks Script has remained constant. The Jenks Script is also featured on the Jenks Youth Football helmets.


On November 4, 2006, The "JT" logo was created by Jenks Trojan Football Freshman, Bob Graham, a Jenks Trojan football lifer who graduated in 2010.  The JT logo was originally designed for use on the Jenks Trojan Football website that Bob has assisted in maintaining since 2004. Over the past years the JT logo has been used on numerous Jenks Trojan football website pages and headers.   The logo has been used by various Jenks organizations including, Jenks Trojan Shop, Jenks Cheer/Pom, Jenks Cross Country, Jenks Volleyball, Jenks Basketball, Jenks Baseball, Jenks Basketball and JTA.   The JT logo is copyrighted to Eric Graham, per the Library of Congress, US Copyright Office Registration

# VA 1-924-262.