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2019 Booster Club Executive Committee:

  • President - Chris Cox
  • Vice President - Stacy Kymes
  • Membership Chairperson - Sally Mullready
  • Secretary - Zack Nobles
  • Treasurer - Whit Kittleman

2019 Booster Club Appointed Positions:

  • 12th Grade Reps - Jennifer Tucker
  • 11th Grade Reps - Crystal Adams
  • 10th Grade Reps - Crystal Booty & Todd Bacon   
  • 9th Grade Reps - Rob Endicott & Chris Dodder
  • 8th Grade Reps - Brad Aeschleman
  • Moms Club - President - Jennifer Pruitt
  • Hopitality - Lead - Ben Powell
  • Preview Lead - Tracy Isbell
  • Preview Shadow
  • Web Design - Tom & Eric Graham
  • Program Sales - Geanne Johnson
  • Golf Chair - Alan Jackson
  • Helmet Chair - Zack Nobles

Booster Club Membership Online Signup and Electronic Payment - Click Here

2019 Jenks trojan football booster club MEMBERS 





2019 CLUB 


Trojan Plaza Courtyard at

 Hunter-Dwelley Stadium



Dan O'Keefe - 2018

Billy Kulkin - 2017

Dan Guajardo - 2016

Steve Stoner - 2015

Kevin Sabin - 2014  

Randy Cloud - 2013  

Eddie Prince - 2012

Darren Laptad - 2011

Kyle Risenhoover - 2010  

Scott Brown - 2009  

Kevin Ray - 2008  

Jim Ginther - 2007  

Darren Laptad - 2006

Kevin Redwine - 2005 

mission statement

The Jenks Trojan Football Booster Club supports the team in a variety of ways and includes players, parents, alumni, and friends of Jenks Football.  The primary purpose of our non-profit organization is to help the team out financially and logistically.  From feeding the team several times a week to helping them get where they are going, the Booster Club is ready to help.Thanks to all of our Corporate Sponsors and Trojan Boosters.  Their generous support and commitment to our club makes our program successful in supporting the Trojans.The Jenks Trojan Football Booster Club meets the first Wednesday of every month at the stadium at 7:00 pm.  If you need to contact the Booster Club or send us mail, please send your inquiries to: 

Jenks Trojan Football Booster Club P.O. Box 88Jenks, OK  74037

2019 MEETING schedule

  • Booster Club Meeting - 2/6, 7:00pm, Sharp Center
  • Booster Club Meeting - 3/6, 7:00pm, Sharp Center
  • Booster Club Meeting - 4/3, 7:00pm, Sharp Center
  • Booster Club Meeting - 5/1, 7:00pm, Sharp Center
  • Booster Club Meeting - 6/5 7:00pm, Sharp Center
  • Booster Club Meeting - 7/10, 7:00pm, Sharp Center
  • Booster Club Meeting - 8/7, 7:00pm, Sharp Center
  • Booster Club Meeting - 9/4/ 7:00pm, Sharp Center
  • Booster Club Meeting - 10/2, 7:00pm, Sharp Center
  • Booster Club Meeting - 11/6, 7:00pm, Sharp Center
  • Booster Club Meeting - 12/4, 7:00pm, Sharp Center


The Calmus Family
The Cooper Family
The Crissup Family
The Davis Family
The Gibbs Family
The Huston Family
Jason & Cami Hyde
Robert & Jeanne Johnson
The Lindaman Family
Lisa Malicoate
Killian McGrew
Keenan McGrew
Rick Reiter
Steve Roberts
Ed & Peggy Trice


Randy & Debbie Blacklock
The Brolick Family
CT & Jennifer Daley
Chris & Jennifer Dodder
The Estes Family
Rodney & Mary Garnett
The Mitcho Family
Bobby & Lois Phillips
David & Allison Stephens
Dan & Rosie Young



Lori & Steve Ackerley
Nathan & Robin Barnard
The Cook Family
Byron & Marcie Corwin
The Grigsby Family
Brad Hargrove and Family
The Johnson Family
Traci & Glenver Jones Sr.
The McGinty Family
The Paskvan Family
Tim Pennington
Joe & Ginger Shockley
The Suchy Family
The Tucker Family
Scott VanDyke
Edwin & Valerie Whittlesey
Ruth Zaldivar


The Adams Family
The Bolte Family
The Burnham Family
The Crain Family
Paul & Sissy Delluomo-Wofford
Jackson Commercial Properties,LLC.
The Kittleman Family
Stacy & Angel Kymes
Gary and Kathy Moores
The Mulready Family
Chris & Libby Neurohr
Cami, Kobey, Alec & Grandma
The Pruitt Family
Dan Rogers
Dr. Blake & Molly Shockley
Jeremy & Summer Hall
The Thompson Family
Matthew & Kimberly Ward
Billy & Sally Whalen


The Brestovansky Family
Bryan and Lori Christiansen
Manolo Blanco & Johnna Langston
Duane Cook
The Cox Family
The Deramus Family
Rob, Liz & William Endicott

The Fonseca Family
Scott & Lisa Goldsmith
The Havir Family
The Headrick Family