Class of 2022 Jenks Trojan Football senior Profiles

2021 season Trojan senior class

#13 Colby Parsons                          6’                           190 lbs                 TE
Colby had a great off season and summer, adding weight and improving his speed.  For his senior year, he makes the move from quarterback to tight end and looks to be a big contributor on the Trojan offense.  Colby also excels in the classroom.

#17 Zac Henley                                5’10“                    182 lbs                 LB
Zac returns for his senior year ready to contribute to his team in any way possible. His work ethic, attitude, and discipline has earned the respect of his coaches. We are looking forward to Zac’s continued progress on the field this fall.

#20 Myles Barber                           5'11’’                    152 lbs                 DB
Myles joined the Trojan football team his junior year.  He has had a good summer and our coaches are excited about the progress he has made at the safety position.  Look for Myles to work into the rotation in the secondary this year and add depth in our special teams.  Myles is also an outstanding student.

#23 Thomas Wilson                       6'1''                       189 lbs                 RB
Thomas showed great improvement his junior year at the running back position.  For his senior campaign, he is working hard to be in the running back rotation and provide added depth to the position.  Thomas is another Trojan that excels in the classroom.

#35 Alex Henderson                      5'11''                    182 lbs                 RB
Alex enters his senior season working hard to add depth at the running back position and help the Trojans in a variety of ways.  Alex’s work ethic and great attitude are infectious.

#37 Aiden Barnard                         6’                           156 lbs                 K
Aiden returns for his senior season adding great depth to a strong group of kickers. With a strong off season and summer, he has added significant distance to his kicks.  The coaches are looking forward to his progress this year.

#39 Max Paskvan                           6'2”                       180 lbs                 K
Max is a returning starter at the kicker position.  Look for Max to build on his junior campaign as he handles the kicking duties again this year.   Max has been selected as the #1 kicker in the preseason poll issued by the Tulsa World.  Max will have opportunities to kick at the next level. 

#40 Ethan Bilgrien                          6'                           204 lbs                 LB
Ethan is one of eight returning starters from the 2020 Championship defense at the linebacker position.  Ethan is a fierce competitor with a nose for the football.  Ethan’s knowledge of the game and athleticism allows him to play all four linebacker positions.  Look for Ethan to use his experience to help anchor a very strong defense.  Another Trojan that excels in the classroom.

#42 Cameron Thompson              5'10''                    201 lbs                 RB
Cameron has had a great off season and summer leading into his senior season, adding strength and speed.  He is one of several players working to gain time in the running back rotation.  Our coaches look for Cameron to be a contributor on special teams as well.

#43 Ian Flute                                    6'1"                       166 lbs                 LB
Ian adds depth in two areas for the Trojans this season, both on defense and special teams. Ian is a great young man who works hard on and off the field.  Coaches will be looking for his senior leadership as he closes out his high school career.

#44 Montre Samuels Parker       6'                           246 lbs                 FB/DL
Montre returns for his senior season having started on defense in 2020.   Expect Montre to see a bigger roll on the offensive side of the ball in his senior season.   Montre is an explosive player, and the coaches expect great things from Montre this season.

#51 Jaylin Martin                            5’5”                      194 lbs                 DL
Jaylin (Ray-Ray) is a returning letterman and will be called upon to add depth on the defensive line.    Jaylin is a true Trojan through and through.  He has always been a team first player and is willing to do whatever it takes to help the Trojans.

 #52 Mapalo Pikiti                           5'11''                    405 lbs                 DL
Mapalo is new to the Trojan program this year and has had a great offseason campaign.  Our coaches have been very impressed with his work ethic and determination.  Mapalo is competing at defensive line, looking to add depth to a strong position group. 

#53 Matthew Sellers                     6’1''                      275 lbs                 DL
Matthew has been dealing with injuries throughout the off season and summer.  He is working hard to get back on the field for his senior year and looks to work into the defensive line rotation.  Matthew has stepped up as a leader this summer/fall, mentoring our younger players.

#54 Brock Chadwick                      6’                           251 lbs                 DL
Brock has made great progress this off season and summer.  For his senior campaign, he will add depth to the defensive line. Brock is one of several Trojan seniors that have embraced the role of leading and mentoring our younger players.

#62 Joseph Whittlesey                  6'                           265 lbs                 OL/DL
Joseph returns for his senior year ready to contribute on the offensive and defensive lines. Joseph has a great attitude, that the coaches love, and is willing to do whatever is needed to help the Trojans.    Another Trojan that is excelling in the classroom.

#65 Andrew Burnham                   6’                           269 lbs                 OL/DL
Andrew is another in a long line of Trojan senior linemen who has worked his way into position to make an impact his senior year. He enters the year bigger and stronger and looks to take over the duties at center position.

#66 Zachary Minor-Thoms          6'3''                       270 lbs                 OL/DL
Zach makes the move from offensive line to defensive line for his senior season.  The move provides the Trojans with depth at the nose guard position.  Zach had a great summer in the weight room and is one of our strongest players.  Zach also performs well in the classroom.

#70 Emmanuel Ezikpe                   6’1''                      274 lbs                 OL/DL
Emmanuel will be specializing on the defensive line during his senior campaign.  He has shown great improvement over the past two years and our coaches are excited to see his continued progress this season.

#73 Trey Gibbs                                6’3’’                      244 lbs                 OL
Trey is a 2 year returning starter who excels on the field and in the classroom.  Trey will return to his starting offensive line position bigger and stronger, moving from right tackle to left tackle.  Trey has stepped up as a leader this summer as well.  Coaches are looking forward to a great season from Trey.

#77 Gustavo Patino-Uribe           5’10’’                    280 lbs                 OL
Gus is a 2 year returning starter on the offensive line and one of 3 returning starters on the offensive line.  Gus’s versatility and high football IQ allows him to play multiple positions on the o-line.  Coaches are looking for Gus to be a huge contributor to the Trojan success this season.

#80 Connor Bacon                         5’10’’                    146 lbs                 WR/DB
Connor has had a great off season and is showing much improvement heading into his senior season.  He is working in the rotation at both receiver and safety. Connor will also be an important contributor on special teams this year. Connor is also an outstanding student.

#82 Colten Adams                          5’11’’                    168 lbs                 WR
Colten is a new player this year to the Trojan football team. He has been consistent and a hard worker during the off season work outs. He will provide depth at the wide receiver position. Coaches are looking for Colten to contribute as the season progresses.

#86 Ben Paitsel                               6’1’’                      182 lbs                 WR
This is Ben’s first year with the Trojans. He is working hard to be in position to impact the wide receiver group this fall.  Ben’s size and speed provides added versatility for the Trojan offense.  Ben is also an excellent student in the classroom.

#89 Grant Slater                             5’11’’                    162 lbs                 WR
Grant is another great Trojan senior who is in his first year with the team. Coaches have been impressed with his attitude and work ethic so far this fall. Chase is competing at wide receiver and trying to help the Trojans in any way that he can.

#97 AJ Brown                                   6’1’’                      297 lbs                 DL
AJ is a 3 year returning starter on the defense line.  AJ is a very athletic defensive lineman and often attracts double teams from opposing offenses.  He provides much experience and leadership to a strong group on defense.  AJ has been selected by the Tulsa World as one of the Top 10 defensive lineman in the state.   He looks to continue his playing career having already received several scholarship offers.