Sixteen years ago, my dentist asked if I would help provide some video assistance for his son's high school football team.

Year one was a time for me to understand the program, and all it means to the families, the players. the school, and the city of Jenks.

This Friday night I will film my last Jenks football game. Over 190 games of memories. Bittersweet, but I must call it a chapter ended.

The coaches, the families, the fans, the history. It is time to say goodbye. No funny comments Craig on "you say that every year."

I know it is in good hands with Renfroe, Prince and Rob! You guys can carry the torch now. Thank you to all the booster club presidents, assistants and Jenks Football MOMS.

Look for me on the Jenks Trojan Basketball court for this season.

My Blessings to all of you for making this so special for me to capture.

Ward Mankin & 

Years of Video