• Jenks Football Coaches Show Opener1:11
  • Jenks All Time Offensive Line4:18
  • Jenks All Time Defensive Line4:03
  • Jenks All Time Defensive Ends2:35
  • Jenks All Time Line Backers4:04
  • Jenks All Time Wide Receivers3:33
  • Jenks All Time Corner Backs3:29
  • Jenks All Time Running Backs4:06

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I have been broadcasting high school and college football for over 30 years. During that time, colleges have improved their information for the broadcasters thanks to the internet. However, high schools have not been able to keep up with making sure information is distributed to the media. That's why the Jenks website is fantastic for me since I broadcast the Jenks game on The Blitz. The Jenks site is the most thorough I've ever seen!!!! I wish other high schools would do the same!!!

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