ORIGINAL website archives


The Jenks Trojan Football Website was originally established in 2004 using a program called Ubuilder.  The program was an outdated, non-Windows based format, designed primarily for sales but we still made it one of the top high school websites in the country. In January of 2015 we were told  that the Ubuilder format was being being eliminated. We also learned that the thousands of photos and hundreds of pages were not transferable to another format and over a decade of Trojan football history would no longer be available.  We were told that the best we could do was attempt to copy the web pages into pdfs.  With limited time, and well over 650 webpages with over 4000 photos and graphics, we tried.  The results were mixed but we captured all we could. Looking back, the technology and formats were comical.  However, the history and the photos still represented Trojan football very well for over a decade.