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“This is a book that would be great for any coach of any sport or owners of companies on how to handle employees (or 100 football players) striving for excellence!! How to handle so many ups and downs of a season (or handling the ups & downs of a business). How do you handle a team when they’ve lost a comrade two weeks before the season? Or players who’ve lost parents while playing their senior seasons or players who’ve waited their life to play for a championship or players who weren’t starters but had to be in the playoffs when the player ahead of them got hurt. And how that reserve played his best to help Jenks to one of their 13 state titles under Trimble!! Or find out that coach Trimble’s first statue ch-ship as a coach wasn’t in football? It’s all about handling Faith, Family, & Football...
I’m good for ten copies....who’s with me?” -James Donald King

Allan Trimble    

1963 - 2019

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Allan Trimble    

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