On behalf of our coaching staff, players and support staff, it is indeed an honor for you to join us for another exciting season of Jenks Trojan Football.  I hope this year is full of exciting and positive moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat and anxiously awaiting the next football game. Our Trojan football players believe in our system.  They believe in each other, their coaches, trainers and their classroom teachers.  With this in mind, we know that our program will continue to move forward. We expect our players to not only believe in the system, but to believe in themselves as well. Hard work is expected and demanded on a daily basis, not only on off the practice field, but in the classroom and community as well. Excellence in all areas of life are continually stressed and supported in our program as our players have been the kind of people who appreciate this community’s support and expectations The expectations of our program are high, and that's what makes my job both challenging and enjoyable.  The challenge to press on and improve our program on a daily basis continues to be an enjoyable part of my life.  To our patrons and supporters of our program I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The support and encouragement from everyone associated with our program has been demonstrated in the pride, craftsmanship, and equipment that are all a part of the new Robert L. Sharp Health/Fitness Center. The new locker room, weight room and training and rehabilitation facilities are second to none in the state of Oklahoma and will no doubt assist all our athletes in achieving their highest potential. Jenks has been a huge part of my life.  My wife Courtney and I have built a home and built our family here, and we can truly call this community our home.  I believe it's the combination of great people, great players, a great school, and a great community that makes my job very special. Again, welcome to Trojan football, and may this be a football season to remember.

Allan TrimbleHead Coach

mission statement

Coach Allan Trimble

Wife: Courtney

Children: Tylar Rose - 17, Tori Allan - 15

Responsibilities: Head Coach

Years in Coaching: 26

Years at Jenks: 22

Hometown: Cleveland, OK

High School: Cleveland HS

College: Northeastern State University

Coaching Assignments:

1996-Present      JHS Head Coach

1994-1992          JHS  Offensive Coord.

1991                   JHS Secondary Coord.

1989                   Owasso - Def. Coord., Linebackers

1987-1988          Owasso - Linebackers/Tight EndsProminent

Players Coached: Rocky Calmus - Titans, Sean Mahan - Buccaneers, Garrett Mills - Patriots

Favorite thing about coaching at Jenks: ���Being a part of the storied tradition of Jenks Trojan Football. The tremendous community, teachers, staff members and students make Jenks a very unique and enjoyable place.”

mission statement

coaching staff

Coach Carl Johnson

Wife: Gayla

Children: Jordan - 9, Jake - 6, Jenna - 4

Responsibilities: JHS Special Teams Coord./Director of Football Operations & College Recruiting

Years in Coaching: 24

Years at Jenks: 10

Hometown: Houston, TX

High School: Cypress Creek H.S. - Houston, TX

College: Stephen F. Austin State University

Coaching Assignments:

2012-Present      JHS Special Teams Coord./Director of Football Operations & College Recruiting

2004-2012          JHS Linebackers/Special Teams

2003                   Ft. Bend Kempner HS - Defensive Line

2000-2002          University of Houston - Defensive GA

1999-2000          Ft. Bend Hightowr HS - Outside Linebackers

1999                   West HS - Defensive Line

1993-1998          Houston Stratford HS - Defensive Ends

1992                   Clearbrook HS - Freshman

1990-1991          Strack Intermediate - 7th Grade

Players Coached: Philip Dillard - Chargers, Thomas Gafford - Chiefs, Tyler Ott - Patriots

Favorite thing about coaching at Jenks: “I love the tradition of this program - when you hear the word, "Jenks", you think of all the excellence - that is because of our kids, parents, community, and administration." 

Coach Herb Rhea

Wife: Nellie

Children: Son - Joshua & his wife, Blair, Daughter & husband, Patrick

Responsibilities: Head Athletic Trainer

Years in Coaching: 35

Years at Jenks: 19

Hometown: Isabel, OK

High School: Idabel Gray HS

College: Oklahoma State University, University of Virginia

Coaching Assignments:

​Jenks HS - Head Athletic Trainer

Enid HS - Head Athletic Trainer

University of Virginia - Graduate Assistant 

Ferrum College - Head Athletic Trainer

Players Coached: Mark Price - Georgia Tech/NBA, Brent Price - University of Oklahoma/NBA, Lydell Carr - University of Oklahoma/NFL, Tony Meola - University of Virginia/USA National Soccer Goalie, Billy Wagner - Ferrum College/New York Mets, Eric Owens - Ferrum College/MLB

Favorite thing about coaching at Jenks: “The opportunities to be successful and the administration, students, athletes, and parents that are willing to sacrifice for all programs to be the best that they can be ." 

Coach Bryant Calip

Wife: Lynn

Children: Bryan - 24, Patrick - 15

Responsibilities: Cornerbacks

Years in Coaching: 27

Years at Jenks: 19

Hometown: Hobart, OK

High School: Hobart HS

College: East Central University

Coaching Assignments:

​2005-Present     Jenks HS - Cornerbacks

1989-2004         Clinton HS - Running Backs/Defensive Backs

1986-1989         Frederick HS - Running Backs/Defensive Backs

Players Coached: Gabe Lynn - OU, PJ Adej-Paul - Air Force, Trent Smith - OU, Tim Duncan - OU, Alex Ross - OU

Favorite thing about coaching at Jenks: “The commitment to be the best in academics and athletics." 

Coach John Timmons

Wife: Jana

Children: Erin - 30, Colin - 27

Responsibilities: Outside Linebackers/Kickers & Punters

Years in Coaching: 37

Years at Jenks: 14

Hometown: Denton, TX

High School: Denton HS

College: University of North Texas 

Coaching Assignments:

​2000-Present     Jenks HS - Outside Linebackers

1990-1999         Bartlesville HS - Offensive/Defensive Lines

1987-1989         Catoosa HS - Head Coach

1983-1986         Tahlequah HS - Offensive Line

1979-1982         Lewisville HS - Offensive Line

Players Coached: Bryan Pickyrl - University of Texas, Brandon Lohr - University of Tulsa, Garrett Mills - University of Tulsa, Mike Aljoe - University of Oklahoma, Tim Storer - Vanderbilt University, Tanner Shuck - Rice University, Jake Laptad - Kansas

Favorite thing about coaching at Jenks: “Having a chance to play for championships." 

Coach Landon Isham

Wife: Angie

Children: Dylann - 17, Blake - 13, Clayton - 13

Responsibilities: Defensive Line

Years in Coaching: 24

Years at Jenks: 4

Hometown: Denver, CO

High School: Northglenn HS

College: Evangel University 

Coaching Assignments:

​2010-Present     Jenks HS - Defensive Line

2008-2009         Sapulpa HS - Defensive Coord.

2003-2007         Coweta HS - Defensive Coord.

1997-2003         Mannford HS - Head Coach/Defensive Coord.

1992-1996         Broken Arrow - Defensive Line

1990-1992         Evangel University - Defensive Line

Players Coached: Mike Bryan - Tulsa, Ryan Kemp - Air Force, David Lore - Air Force, Orion Jones - Toledo

Favorite thing about coaching at Jenks: “Making a difference in kids lives both on and off the football field and building character in kids that will last a lifetime." 

Coach Keith Riggs

Wife: Nancy

Children: Kelsey - 21, Alexandra - 17

Responsibilities: Defensive backs & Technology

Years in Coaching: 11

Years at Jenks: 11

Hometown: Owasso, OK

High School: Owasso HS

College: Northeastern A&M Jr College, Oklahoma State University

Coaching Assignments:

​2010-Present     Jenks HS - JHS - Defensive Coord./Asst. Head Coach/ Technology

2003-2009         Jenks HS - Defensive Backs/Technology

Players Coached: Jesse Meyer - University of Tulsa, Jeff Jackson - Princeton University, Timmy Dial - University of Arkansas, Matt Linscott - University of Tulsa

Favorite thing about coaching at Jenks: “The commitment to excellence in all areas of academics and from the entire community." 

Coach Chris Tedford

Wife: Carol

Children: Blake - 3, Carson - 1

Responsibilities: Asst. Offensive Line

Years in Coaching: 9

Years at Jenks: 9

High School: Jenks HS

College: Missouri Southern, University of Arkansas

Coaching Assignments:

JHS - Varsity Asst. Offensive Line Coach

          Freshman Head Coach

          Freshman Asst. Coach

Favorite thing about coaching at Jenks: “Tradition, comraderie, being able to coach at Alma Mater ." 

Coach Darrell Beeler

Wife: Susan

Children: Chase -26, Dallas - 24, Lacy - 16

Responsibilities: Tight Ends

Years in Coaching: 13

Years at Jenks: 13

Hometown: Jenks, OK

High School: Jenks HS

College: Southeastern Oklahoma State University 

Coaching Assignments:

​2006-Present     Jenks HS - Tight Ends

2001-2005         Jenks HS & Jenks MS - Asst.

Favorite thing about coaching at Jenks: “Coaching and working with great young men." 

Coach Greg Calabrese

Wife: Kristin

Children: Colton - 9

Responsibilities: Wide Receivers

Years in Coaching: 9

Years at Jenks: 9

Hometown: Tulsa, OK

High School: Jenks HS

College: University of Kansas

Coaching Assignments:

​2006-Present     Jenks HS - Wide Receivers

2003-2009          Jenks HS - 9th Grade Asst.

Favorite thing about coaching at Jenks: “It is my life long passion." 

Coach Zach Herren

Responsibilities: Safeties

Years in Coaching: 1

Hometown: Tulsa, OK

High School: Jenks HS

College: University of Oklahoma

Coaching Assignments:

​2013-Present     Jenks HS - Safeties​

Coach Dub Maddox

Responsibilities: Quarterbacks/Passing Game Coord.

Years in Coaching: 14

Years at Jenks: 9

Hometown: Skiatook, OK

High School: Skiatook HS

College: Northeastern State University

Coaching Assignments:

​2010-Present     Jenks HS - Offensive Coord.

2006-2009          Jenks HS - Quarterbacks Coach/Passing Game Coord

2004-2005          Palmetto Ridge HS, Naples, FL - Offensive Coord.

2000-2004          Broken Arrow HS - Wide Receivers 

Players Coached: Jason Ray - University of Missouri, Jamison Hummel - Missouri Southern, Tyler Hutchens - Lindenwood University, Nate Harris - Lindenwold University, Issac Norman - Missouri Southern, Brandon McClaurin - Missouri Southern, Tremain Dale - University of Central Florida, Mark Ginter - Oklahoma State University, Sawyer Kollmorgen - University of Northern Iowa, Hunter Collins - Drake University.

Favorite thing about coaching at Jenks: “Being a part of and being able to contribute to the great tradition of Jenks Trojan Football." 

Coach Brady Robbins

Wife: Jana

Children: Aubrey - 26, Chance - 24, Faith - 19

Responsibilities: Special Teams Asst/Defensive Quality Control

Years in Coaching: 10

Years at Jenks: 9

Hometown: Enid, OK

High School: Socorro, NM

College: Northeastern State University, Oklahoma State University

Coaching Assignments:

​2005-Present     Jenks HS - Gameday Offensive/Defensive Field Coord, Special Teams        Asst./Defensive Quality Control

2003-2004          Claremore HS - Strength and Conditioning

Favorite thing about coaching at Jenks: “The collective commitment to excellence." 

Coach Jordan Johnson

Wife: Amanda

Children: Emma Jo - New Born

Responsibilities: Strength and Conditioning

Years in Coaching: 11

Years at Jenks: 2

High School: Texhoma HS

College: Texas Tech

Coaching Assignments:

​2012-Present     Jenks HS - Strength and Conditioning

2012                   University of Tulsa

2009-2011          UTEP

2008                   Ole Miss

2008                   Arkansas

2008                   Texas Tech

Players Coached: Mike Wallace - Ole Miss/Steelers, Dexter McCluster - Ole Miss/Chiefs, Darren McFadden - Arkansas/Raiders, Felix Jones - Arkansas/Cowboys, Graham Harrell - Texas Tech/Packers

Favorite thing about coaching at Jenks: “The opportunity to develop young athletes to give them the best chance to compete on the playing field." 

Coach Doug Greenwood

Wife: Nancy

Children: Chris - 23, Jacy - 19, Hannah - 12, Annie & Ellie - 4, Canton - 2

Responsibilities: Quarterbacks/Passing Game Coord.

Years in Coaching: 20

Years at Jenks: 1

High School: Doherty HS, Colorado Springs

College: Southern Illinois University

Coaching Assignments:

​2006-Present     Jenks HS 

1994-2012          CHS - Anna Jonesboro 

Players Coached: Adam Casper - SEMO, Josh Alley - UT, Ricky Hicks - SIU

Favorite thing about coaching at Jenks: “The family environment, community and school spirit." 

Coach Red Griffith




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Players Coached: 

Favorite thing about coaching at Jenks:

Coach Jim Cooper




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Favorite thing about coaching at Jenks:

Coach Justin Glenn



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