High School

Padded Spring Practice – 5/14 through 5/25 (Spring Game 5pm on 5/18)

Team Camp – 5/30 and 5/31, 5pm to 8pm (More details coming soon)

Indy Camp – 6/4 (4:15pm to 7:15pm) and 6/5 (2pm to 5pm)

Summer Pride – Begins 6/11 at 6am

7on7 Tournament – 6/23 and 6/24 at Bixby

8th and 9th

Spring Workouts – 5/14 through 5/23 (Immediately following school for approx. 1 hour)

Team Camp – 5/30 and 5/31, 5pm to 7pm @ BA (Busses will leave from JMS immediately after school)

Indy Camp – 6/5 (6pm to 8pm) and 6/6 (8am to 10am)

Summer Pride – Begins 6/11 at 8am

Passing League Schedule (9th at 6pm – HS at 7pm)

Busses will leave from Stadium.  Departure times will be announced at Summer Pride that morning.

6/11 at Union

6/18 at Jenks

6/25 at TBA

7/9 at BA.

UPCOMING 2018 DATES & sUMMER cAMPs & passing leagues



passing league to be announce 2016 dates shown below

9th Grade Summer Passing League

  • June 13th; 6pm at Union (9th grade only)
  • June 20th; 6pm at Jenks (9th grade only)
  • June 27th; 6pm at Owasso (9th grade only)
  • July 11th; 6pm at Broken Arrow (9th grade only)

 Varsity Summer Passing League 

  • June 13th; 7pm at Union
  • June 20th; 7pm at Jenks
  • June 27th; 7pm at Owasso
  • July 11th; 7pm at Broken Arrow