April 11th                              Lift-A-Thon fundraiser for Feed My Starving Children Project; Off Season testing week     
April 28th or 29th                Feed My Starving Children Service Project 5:00pm Liberty Church (Parents and families welcome!!)


May 4th                                 Booster Club Meeting 7pm
May 9th                                 8th and 9th grade parent meeting.  H.S. Building 6 Auditorium 6pm – 7pm
May 16th – 27th                   8th and 9th spring practice.  3pm – 4pm at Middle School
May 16th                               H.S. Padded Spring Practices begin
May 20th                               Spring Football game and Powder Puff Game 5pm at stadium (Canned food drive for Jenks food bank)
May 20th & 23rd                  High School Final Testing Days (H.S. Padded Practices TBA)
May 23rd                               School ends TBA.
May 24th                               8th and 9th Indy Camp at stadium 1pm – 3pm; H.S. Padded Spring Practice 3pm – 5pm at stadium
May 25th – 27th                   8th and 9th Indy Camp at stadium 9am – 11am; H.S. Padded Spring Practice 7am – 9am at stadium
May 25th – 26th                   8th and 9th grade Team Camp at Broken Arrow (No fee) 1pm – 3pm (Bus departure TBA)
May 30th                               Holiday
May 31st – June2nd          10th - 12th grade individual camp at Hunter Dwelley 7am – 9am; 8th – 9th Indy Camp 9am – 11am


June 3rd – 12th                   All 8th – 9th graders vacation
June 3rd – 4th                     10th – 12th team camp at Bentonville (overnight trip, limited travel roster TBA) (No fee)
June 1st                                Booster Club meeting 7pm, Sophomores introduced
June 6th – 10th                    All players vacation
June 13th                              Summer Pride begins for 7th grade through 12th grade (10th – 12th 6am-8am; 7th – 9th 8am-10am)
June 13th                              Passing League at Union; 9th grade 6pm, H.S. 7pm
June 14th  - 17th                 Youth Skills Camp for Mighty Mite – 6th graders.  10am – noon at Hunter Dwelley.
June 18th                              Trojan Car Wash.  TBA 
June 20th                              Passing League at Jenks; 9th grade 6pm, H.S. 7pm
June 27th                              Passing League at Owasso; 9th grade 6pm, H.S. 7pm


July 1st – 4th                        All camps are on vacation
July 5th                                  All camps resume
July 6th                                  Booster Club meeting, Juniors introduced 7pm
July 11th                                Passing League at Broken Arrow; 9th grade 6pm, H.S. 7pm
July 18th                                JTA Coaches Clinic 6:30pm
July 18th                                Jenks Trojan Golf Tourney at Golf Club of Oklahoma.
July 12th – 13th                    Senior Retreat at Grand Lake TBA
July 13th                                Mighty Might -3rd Combine 6-8pm
July 14th                                4th-7th Combine 6-8pm

July 18th                                Football Booster Club Golf Tournament, 8:00AM, Golf Club of Oklahoma
July 20th                                JTA Padded Camp 7-9pm at JTA fields
July 21st                                 Padded Camp 7-9pm at JTA fields
July 22nd                               Summer Pride Camps end for 7th – 9th graders
July 24th-July 2nd               OCA Coaches Clinic
July 29th                                Summer Pride Camps end for 10th – 12thth graders


August 1st – 4th                   Coaches work week
August 3rd                             Booster Club meeting, Seniors introduced 7pm
August 4th                             Coaches Retreat
August 8th                             Football practice begins for 8th – 12th graders TBA
August 13th                           Trojan scrimmage 8am at the stadium
August 13th                           Trojan Stomp TBA
August 19th                           School Begins
August 19th                           Trojan Preview TBA
August 20th                           Trojan pancake breakfast (Father/Son) at middle school TBA

9th Grade Summer Passing League

  • June 13th; 6pm at Union (9th grade only)
  • June 20th; 6pm at Jenks (9th grade only)
  • June 27th; 6pm at Owasso (9th grade only)
  • July 11th; 6pm at Broken Arrow (9th grade only)

UPCOMING 2016 DATES & sUMMER cAMPs & passing leagues

 Varsity Summer Passing League 

  • June 13th; 7pm at Union
  • June 20th; 7pm at Jenks
  • June 27th; 7pm at Owasso
  • July 11th; 7pm at Broken Arrow

Football 8th-9th Gr Individual Training Camp

Jenks High School
Dates: May 24 - June 2
Times: 9AM - 11AM
Registration Deadline: June 2
Cost: $50.00

Football 8th-9th Grade Team Camp n/c

You must enrollJenks High School
Dates: May 25 - 26
Times: 1PM - 3PM
Registration Deadline: May 26
Cost: $0.00
Football 10th-12th Individual Training Camp

Jenks High School
Dates: May 31 - June 2
Times: 7AM - 9AM
Registration Deadline: June 2
Cost: $30.00
Football VAR HS Team Camp at Bentonville - n/c

For Jenks players (will be paid by Booster Club)Jenks High School
Dates: June 3 - 4
Times: 8AM - 6PM
Registration Deadline: June 4
Cost: $0.00
Football Var Athletic Performance Training

Jenks High School
Dates: June 13 - July 29
Times: 6AM - 8AM
Registration Deadline: July 29
Cost: $120.00

Football Grades 7-9 Athletic Performance Training

Jenks High School
Dates: June 13 - July 22
Times: 8AM - 10AM
Registration Deadline: July 22
Cost: $120.00

Football Youth Skills Camp, K-6th Grade

Jenks High School
Dates: June 14 - 17
Times: 10AM - 12PM
Registration Deadline: June 17
Cost: $60.00

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